My Journey Begins!


Well, let me get right to it. I have been looking for opportunities to get involved in the Deaf community. I have touched base with an organization that said they needed volunteers.(I won’t call anyone out) I called and was transferred two different times to two different people. From there I was able to get a name. Once I received the name and was transferred over to her office she took forever to contact me. I called again and agin and again then, when she finally got back with me she wanted me to come in on a certain day I was like sure you let me know what time and I will be there. I got nothing back. Who know it would be so hard to give people your time! I would have help out in any way. It could have been answering the phone or filing.



I then said forget it. I should not have to feel like I am begging for an opportunity to help!  Don’t get me wrong it bothered me that she couldn’t follow through cause I really wanted to work with this organization.  So I let go and let God! Sometimes God doesn’t let you walk through a door cause he has something better planned for you!

I then decided to reach out for help in my studies by emailing a lady (I won’t say any names) and she offered her time to help for $15.00 and hour. I emailed her several times and never did I get an answer! So again I said F&%$ It!

I wanted my summer to be filled with all things Deaf! I had a vision. I wanted to have a personal relationship with someone in the Deaf Community and or someone who was more fluent than me. Someone who I could go to for help and just practice my craft and my passion with. Guess What?! God Answered my pray!

I contacted an old classmate of mine we were in ASL 2 together and exchanged numbers. I called her up and she welcome me with open arms to her home to introduce me to her daughter who is deaf. It was an Amazing time!! I learned new signs and they made me feel so comfortable! My classmate let me know that she saw my growth and her daughter said I was doing well. I understood more than I thought I would! I truly had a wonderful, fun time with them. So much so that we have decided to meetup once every week to just hang out so I can learn and become the great interpreter I am destined to be. Amen!

I thank God for the people he has allowed to come into my life and help me on this journey and for the people to come!

Thank You Jesus!

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