I saw this on Facebook and had to share. It was so damn funny to me I had to share with yawl! Turn on your closed caption for real!

ASL sign for Funny!

Keep Sign Language Interpreters In the Picture!

It seems like in this day and time so many people lack common sense and common courtesy!

Communication is key with everyone! Knowing what is happening in the community and in the world is a must! When they crop out the Sign Language Interpreter from a broadcast it prevents effective communication and impacts the safety of our community members that are Deaf and Hard of Hearing! These are our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles, wives and husbands, friends and neighbors and then some!

So join me along with the ILRC whose mission is to empower Independence for all people with disability and to create pathways for access by logging on to and sign the petition! and donate just $3.00 to help the petition to reach more people and support our Deaf communities.

Put yourself in someones else’s shoes wouldn’t you want to be informed of what was happening in the world in your community if you were Deaf?


La La La La La La Sing a Happy Song!

Hey Guys,

When you were young did you watch The Smurfs on Saturday mornings? I know I did I use to love the Smurfs!

La La La La La La Sing A Happy Song, La La La La La La Smurf The Whole Day Long!

Did you know that the Smurfs cartoon was the first cartoon to use Sign Language?!  Yep! It aired on Saturday November 19th in 1983 on NBC.

This episode was about the Rite of Spring Festival! This was going to be a time of dancing, music and poetry! Now, Poet Smurf was to create a special poem for this event and recite it before sunset.

Look-ah- here Azrael we have to get those gotdamn Smurfs! 


Now, while poet smurf is getting his poem together here comes that damn Gargmel and Azrael! Gargmel has invented a potion called “Sweet Silence” that he sprays on poet smurf that  renders him mute! (mother$%^&r)

To Make a long story in text short Poet gets back to the village and Papa Smurf knows exactly what to do!

Oh, Lawd these smurfs!

He sends a letter to his Friend Laconia who is a Wood Elf and was born mute. (according to the cartoon) She explains to them about sign language and shows them some signs! very Cool!

Poet smurf loved ASL so much and recognize and saw the beauty in the language that he decided to recite his poem using sign language and Smurf language!

Laconia didn’t get her voice back but guess what she was ok and happy with that. She loved herself and did not feel left out or handicap in any form or fashion!

Check out this episode!