Discovering Deaf Worlds 4th Annual Funraising Gala

Here’s another one Family!

Discovering Deaf Worlds 4th Annual Fundraising Gala!

Discovering Deaf Worlds DDW is dedicated to creating a world that recognizes the abilities of deaf and hard of hearing persons in developing countries to acquire an education, maintain a job, raise families, and live autonomously. DDW provides organizational management training to Deaf advocacy organizations in developing countries. All projects aim to improve standards of Deaf education, communication accessibility, employment opportunities and human rights.

So come on out and support the wonderful things they do and enjoy an evening of hors d’oeuves and one Free cocktail on them!

Text To 911 Call If You Can- Text If You Must!

Hey Everyone,

If you didn’t already know Jacksonville, FL now has Text to 911! Yep! This was created to help the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Speech Impaired and the Non-Verbal.

Those who are hearing can also use this service as well especially if you are in a situation where it would best if you were not heard!

It’s very easy to use.

The Jacksonville Sheriffs office first and foremost wants you to text from a safe place if possible. Get out of harm’s way, if you can.

Next, enter “911” in the recipient field (no dashes, dots, etc)

Then you give the location and what is wrong First. You will receive a text asking for more information. Also, keep in mind that if you move locations you must let them know they can’t track your phone!

Now, I decided to try this out and it took about 5 minutes for someone to reach out to me. For my non-emergency it was OK. Keep in mind, you can still text more information to them while you are waiting for a response. Also, sometimes when we text a friend,  long messages can be delivered out-of-order or with a delay – same reality in Text-to-911.

The Sheriff Office wanted to stress the best and fastest way is to make a voice telephone call and to report emergencies! Text to 911 messages should Only be used when you have NO other options and cannot make a phone call to 9-1-1.

The service is only in English. Calls can not be transferred to JSO. Call taker will relay information to other agencies as needed. There are no medical or pre-arrival instructions. You can’t send any pictures, screen shots, emojis or attachments just text.

They also wanted you to know that this service is not available everywhere and that you may receive a “bounce back” message.

“Text message to 911 not available please make a voice call to 911 or use TTY or relay.”

You might also get this same message if all text circuits or answering positions are busy. 

Please note You don’t need an APP to text 911!

For more information about Text to 911 log on to:

If you want to know more about Statewide Text to 911 Initiative log onto:

Be Safe! and Remember “Talk If You Can. Text When You Must!