Southpoint Community Church!

 Family and Friends,

For those of you that read my last post remember how I talked about my friend who has a deaf daughter (Pinen). Well, they invited me to Southpoint Community Church to attend Deaf Church with them.

I didn’t know what to expect. This was my first time going to Deaf Church and I was excited. I was surprised that the church was down the street and around the corner from my husband’s job at Discover Tech. I didn’t go with the family because my son was having a sleep over and he still had company.

Nonetheless, the church was beautiful. I love the open space when you walk in. It made it feel comfortable. This was the second church I went to that had a Starbucks inside! The people were very nice. All I saw was smiles! and  loved the fact that SouthPoint had a relax dress code!

When we made it to Deaf church it was a small turn out but it was great it worked out. Now, the reason why it worked out was because we kinda had a workshop about how to deal with conflict. (because of the small group.)

The pastor gave us 6 steps for Fighting Clean.

First: Say the problem “I notice…”

Second: Say why it is important ” I Value…”

Third: When you (behavior), I feel…….

Fourth: Clearly say what you are requesting.

Fifth: Consider the request share your thoughts.

Last: Are you willing to do all or part of it?

We got into groups of three and we signed made up issues and the other responded but,we had to repeat what the other had stated to us first to make sure we had a clear understanding of what the issue was.

I had a great time doing that activity and I learned a lot on so many levels. The people were nice and open and made me feel welcomed. They helped me with my signs and didn’t have any issue explaining to me a sign I did not understand. I could have stayed there all day!

I think due to me not begin use to things and not understanding what is ok to do and not ok to do made me a bit more reserved. The main example of this is when praise and worship was happening I didn’t know if it was ok for me to try to sign sing with the leader of that. LOL! It sounds crazy I know. Even tho I saw other deaf people singing and some not I just didn’t know.

I think I was thinking about not wanting to be perceived as a spectator. I know they see a lot of students come in for one reason or another and then they are not seen again. I don’t want to fall into that group.

I really  enjoyed myself and I look forward to going back this and every sunday and anything they have going on I want to be a part of it.

So, if you have not visited Southpoint Community Church located at 7556 Salisbury Rd. Jacksonville. Fl 32256. What are you waiting for!? Deaf Church starts at 11:15am on the 1st and 3rd Sunday in room 237.

See you there!