Amazing Interpreters

Hey Everyone,

I know it has been a minute since my last post. A lot has been going on but, now that I am on break from school I will have more time to post and  to keep you in tune with me and with what is happening in and around the Deaf community!

To start things off I wanted to share with you two videos I came across tonight. There are so many wonderful Interpreters out there that I hope to one day be as good as and this one is no exception!

When I saw this first video I was like WOW! check it out.

She was Amazing! Now this second video you will have to judge for yourself. Did Waka Flocka think the interpreter was dancing? hum….

Tell me what you think. LOL! As Always you know what to do PlayWit It have fun & learn! OH! and don’t forget the check out the events page I have added some new things. Thanks.

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